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There are different ways you can search By default, a search you perform using the Search field in the upper right searches within the category you are currently browsing.

Searching the whole site

To search for something across all of, perform your search from the home page.

Alternatively, you can perform the search from another location and then click All in the Filter Results By list in the sidebar on the right. This runs the search against all the categories on the site.

Expanding a search to all categories

Searching the documentation for a product release

To search for something within the documentation for a specific product release, such as Cloud Cruiser 3.x, perform your search from within that documentation set. The documentation for each product release is contained by a category on the site. The top level of the site navigation menu shows the current category.

Currently selected category

Other search options

You can also filter your search by topic type, fine-tune your search criteria with an advanced search, and more. For more information, see the search documentation for MindTouch, the software that powers this site.

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