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About this site


The HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Documentation site,, delivers the product documentation and other technical information about HPE products. Much of this information was previously delivered as PDF files, but now you can access it from this searchable and interactive wiki-based site. You must register for access.


The site is organized into categories, with the documentation for a specific product release being contained in a category. You can navigate between categories from the leftmost menu in the site navigation bar as shown in the following screenshot:



For information about the ways you can search for content on this site, see Searching.

Offline viewing

If you will be without Internet access and need to read information from this site, you can export articles to a PDF file. For information about this, see Exporting content for offline viewing.

Giving feedback on articles

Although users cannot directly edit page content, Cloud Cruiser encourages you to contribute feedback by commenting on and rating articles. This feedback might result in documentation updates. For more information about commenting guidelines and policy, see Interacting via comments and page ratings.

Browser support

This site is powered by MindTouch 4. See the list of supported browsers for MindTouch 4.

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