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Cloud Cruiser Express 3.2 Release Notes

This section contains the cumulative release notes for Cloud Cruiser Express version 3.2.x. This includes the new and updated features, bug fixes since v3.1.1, and the system requirements. The current release is Cloud Cruiser Express 3.2.1. The full documentation for this release is available at Cloud Cruiser Express v3 for Windows Azure Pack.

Enhancements and bug fixes

This release contains all of the enhancements and bug fixes in Cloud Cruiser 3.2.1. The one fix that affects Cloud Cruiser Express users is bug 3462: Reports viewed in a Windows Azure Pack portal using a non-US locale displayed dates and numbers in US format.

The remaining enhancements and fixes in this release are instantly unlocked when you purchase an upgrade to Cloud Cruiser.

Upgrading from version 3.0.1

If you are upgrading from Cloud Cruiser Express 3.0.1 and were receiving some Subscription not found warnings when running the azure_pack_daily_load job, see Restoring dropped subscriptions for a procedure introduced with version 3.1.1 that corrects this problem.

You might also be interested in the bug fixes in version 3.1, which this release includes.

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