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Restoring dropped subscriptions

There are two known causes for Subscription not found warnings when running the azure_pack_daily_load job. This release fixes one, logged as bug 3375. To stop warnings caused by this issue from appearing after upgrading to version 3.1.1, you must perform the following procedure.

If this procedure does not stop the warnings from appearing when you run the job, they are likely caused by a problem in Windows Azure Pack. There is no known solution for this problem at the current time.

To restore dropped subscriptions
  1. Determine the first date for which you loaded Windows Azure Pack data into Cloud Cruiser Express.
    For more information, see Working with job data loads. Make sure to clear filters so that you’re viewing all loads, then note the earliest Accounting Date .
  2. Select and delete all job loads.
    For more information, see Working with job data loads.
  3. Run the azure_pack_daily_load job for the date you noted in step 1.
    From Data > Scheduling , select the azure_pack_daily_load job, click Action , set Select Date to the date you noted, click Save , and then click Run Now .
  4. Run the job for every date after that in order, ending with yesterday.
    For each date you must return to the Action tab, set the date, save, and then run. Do not run the job for today’s date because data for today has not yet been collected. The scheduled run of both jobs tonight will collect and load data for today.
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