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New names for batch XML objects

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In Cloud Cruiser 4.0, a new workbook interface replaced batch XML jobs for transforming collected data. This article maps the old XML names for steps and transformation processors to their new, friendlier names. Where available, the documentation for the old XML objects is linked.


Batch XML name Workbook function name
AdjustEndTime Adjust End Time
CalculateResource Calculate Measure
CalculateResourceCost Calculate Measure Cost
CalculateResourceRate Calculate Measure Rate
CCMergeTasklet Import Flows
CCRecordAggregationTasklet Aggregate Rows
CCRecordAssemblyTasklet Import Collections
CCRecordLoadDataTasklet Publish Data
CCRecordSortTasklet Sort Rows
ConvertEventsToAllocations Correlate Events
ConvertIdentifierToResource Convert Dimension to Measure
ConvertIdentifierToUsageEnd Set End Time from Dimension
ConvertIdentifierToUsageStart Set Start Time from Dimension
ConvertResourceNames Rename Measures from Lookup
ConvertToEndEvent Convert to End Event
ConvertToStartEvent Convert to Start Event
CreateException Create Exception
CreateIdentifierFromConstant Set Dimension
CreateIdentifierFromIdentifier Set Dimension from Dimensions
CreateIdentifierFromTable Set Dimension from Lookup
CreateLookupFromIdentifier Create Lookup File
CreateResourceFromIdentifier Set Measure from Dimension
DeleteLoadsTasklet Delete Loads
DirectoryCleanupTasklet Clean Up Directory
DivertRecordToFile Divert Row to Dataset
DropIdentifiers Delete Dimensions
DropRecord Delete Row
DropResources Delete Measures
DropZeroResources Delete Zero Measures
Execute Run Script
FileDeleteTasklet Delete Files
ImportTasklet Publish Config
ModifyResourceNameFromIdentifier Append Dimension to Measure Name, Prepend Dimension to Measure Name
NormalizeSeriesNames Normalize Series Names
NormalizeUnknownResources Normalize Measure Names
RenameIdentifiers Rename Dimension
RenameResourceFromTable Rename Measure from Dimension Lookup
RenameResources Rename Measure
RestrictIdentifiers Delete Unlisted Dimensions
RoundResourceValues Round Measure
Set Measure from Dimension Set Measure
SplitIdentifiers Split Dimension
TruncateIdentifiers Truncate Dimension
UploadUsageTasklet Post Usage
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