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Fixed bugs

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The following bugs have been fixed since the Cloud Cruiser 3.2 release:



Bug ID

Running the sample collection job with the argument bootstrap=true did not collect any data unless you manually deleted the file feedState.json from the following directories before running the job:

  • <usage_files>/azure_pack/plans
  • <usage_files>/azure_pack/subscriptions
  • <usage_files>/azure_pack/usage
For Windows Azure Pack, data was lost because usage occurred under a subscription or plan that an Azure Pack administrator had attempted to delete. 3507
Some jobs that included a transformation step would fail with a null pointer exception or write incorrect records to their exception file. 3508

For Windows Azure Pack, the usage amount and charges for the following resources were too high by a factor of 1,024:

  • VM Disk Allocated (Min) (azurepack.systemcenter.CrossDiskSizeAllocated-Min)
  • VM Disk Allocated (azurepack.systemcenter.CrossDiskSizeAllocated-Max)

This is because resource values were incorrectly converted from bytes to megabytes rather than to gigabytes.

Budget alerts were generated based on the total of the cost of goods sold for an account plus the charges for the account, rather than the charges alone. 3602
There was no way to install Cloud Cruiser Analytics Editing with a branded version of Cloud Cruiser Analytics. This is now possible with Cloud Cruiser Analytics version 8.1.3. For instructions, see Installing Analytics Editing. 3447
The Service Revenue chart on the Home page displayed values that were three times the correct values. 3525
When you chose Last 7 Days as the date range for a chart on the Home page, only six days of data were shown. 3513

The Customer Revenue and Service Revenue charts on the Home page had a fixed scale, always dividing charted values by 1,000 and showing numbers along the Y axis in thousands. When these charts displayed small values the numbers along the Y axis all read 0k, making it difficult to judge the charted values.


The following issues affected the Home page when using a locale other than US English (en_us):

  • The Customer Revenue and Service Revenue charts showed a US dollar sign ($) in multiple places.
  • The decimal and thousand separators for numbers were in US format, using a comma for thousands and a period for decimals.

In addition to these fixes, the Customer Revenue and Service Revenue charts have been retitled Customer Amount (<code>) and Service Amount (<code>), where <code> is the three-letter Default Currency set for Cloud Cruiser. For example, Customer Amount (EUR).

3005, 3571, 3579
When using an Oracle database, alerts did not appear on the Home page for members of a group that has permission to all customers' data. 3364
With a browser set to an Icelandic or Greek locale, labels in reports contained a locale-specific prefix. 3470
Some database operations performed slowly. 3584
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