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What's new

The following features are new or enhanced in Cloud Cruiser version 3.2.0.

Windows Azure collector

This release adds a native collector for Windows Azure, Microsoft's public cloud platform. The collector works by downloading usage files posted to your Enterprise Agreement account, so it is usually able to collect data that is at least five days old. For information about using this collector, see Microsoft Windows Azure.

Javadoc for this collector is available at <install_dir>/docs/api/batch/com/cloudcruiser/batch/collect/microsoft/azurepublic/package-frame.html.

Amazon Web Services hourly collection

The new Amazon Web Services collector collects hourly data from Amazon's Detailed Billing Reports, giving you a more current view of your usage and cost data. This collector is intended to replace the previous Amazon Web Services collector, which is deprecated in this release. If you create a new Amazon managed data source using this release, it can only be used with the new collector. Existing managed data sources continue to work with the previous collector. For information about using the new collector, see Amazon Web Services.

Javadoc for this collector is available at <install_dir>/docs/api/batch/com/cloudcruiser/batch/collect/aws/package-frame.html.

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