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New features and enhancements in v3.0.0

The following features are new or enhanced in Cloud Cruiser version 3.0.0.

Redesigned user interface

The Cloud Cruiser Portal is redesigned to offer you easier access to the tools and business intelligence you need. The new Home page, replacing the My Cloud page in previous versions, can display one of four graphs of your financial data including a new Customer Revenue graph that shows how charges to your top accounts are trending over the past week. It also offers quick access to recently visited and favorite places in the Portal and at-a-glance views of recent alerts and job runs. A new search field in the navigation pane is another way for you to quickly move to any page or report.

To help you find your favorite pages in the new interface, the following table maps familiar names from the Cloud Cruiser 2.4 navigation menu to their equivalent in the new version. The pages are organized slightly differently from before, so for example, not every page that was located under Financial Administration in version 2.4 is located under Billing now.

2.4 Navigation

Where to find in v3.0 and later



Financial Administration


My Cloud






Advanced analytics

The new Advanced Analytics page allows you to visualize your financial data in new and powerful ways, giving you new ability to understand your customers and your business. View a geographical map to see which countries or states bring you the most revenue, a heat map to see which services are your most profitable, and more.


Geographical map of charge data


Each Cloud Cruiser license allows up to five users the ability to view analytics reports and one user the ability to edit them. Your other users have access to the advanced reporting available in previous versions of Cloud Cruiser.

Microsoft Windows Azure Pack Collector

This native collector is added in this release. For more information about collecting from Windows Azure Pack, see Windows Azure Pack Collector and the Java API documentation in <install_dir>/docs/api/batch/com/cloudcruiser/batch/collect/microsoft/package-frame.html .

Sample job files for collecting and loading data are available at:

  • <install_dir>/job_samples/azure_pack_collect.xml
  • <install_dir>/job_samples/azure_pack_daily_load.xml
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