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New in v3.1.0: OpenStack Ceilometer collector

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This native collector is added. It is intended to replace the existing OpenStack collection method, and enables you to collect any meter exposed by the Ceilometer V2 Web API.

For more information about the collector, see OpenStack via Ceilometer and the Java API documentation in <install_dir>/docs/api/batch/com/cloudcruiser/batch/collect/openstack/package-summary.html .

Sample job files for collecting and loading data are available at:

  • <install_dir>/job_samples/ceilometer-sample-collect.xml
  • <install_dir>/job_samples/ceilometer-sample-load.xml

For a list of the meters defined in Ceilometer, see the “Measurements” page in the Ceilometer developer documentation, currently available at

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