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Registering the REST API endpoint with Windows Azure Pack

To view charge data from Cloud Cruiser Express in either of the Windows Azure Pack portals, you must enable Windows Azure Pack to retrieve that data by registering the Cloud Cruiser Express REST API endpoint it will connect to.

To register the REST API endpoint
  1. In your browser, navigate to the Windows Azure Pack management portal for administrators.
  2. Click User Costs , then click the second action, Register your Cloud Cruiser REST endpoint .
  3. Enter the following information:​
    • Endpoint URL: The URL to the REST API method that fetches tenant cost data from the Cloud Cruiser Express server
      This is in the format <ccServerURL>/rest/v1/wap , where <ccServerURL> is the URL to your Cloud Cruiser Express Portal. For example: http://cloudfinanceserver:8080/rest/v1/wap.
    • Username: admin
    • Password: The Admin User Password you created in the installer
      TIP: Because the admin user account will also be used by humans, you will likely need to change its password occasionally, which will break the connection from Windows Azure Pack unless you remember to update that password here each time. To remove this dependency, in the future consider creating a dedicated Cloud Cruiser Express user for Windows Azure Pack to use. This user must have the Report User role and be a member of a group with permission to view data for all customers.
  4. Click the check-mark button to save these settings.

You’ve completed the last step of the Installation process overview. Cloud Cruiser Express and Windows Azure Pack are now fully integrated, and you can now view the charges in the Summary and Reports pages of the portal.

NOTE: You will not see charges for subscriptions or add-ons, and might not see charges for some usage that you can verify in Windows Azure Pack. For more information, see Which cost data is available and when.

What to do next

You might want to do one or more of the following:

  • Log in to the Cloud Cruiser Express Portal to explore the available reports and start configuring the product. For instructions, see Accessing the Cloud Cruiser Express Portal.
  • If you completed installation despite receiving a Credentials are invalid message on the Azure Pack Parameters screen of the installer, you must provide correct Windows Azure Pack credentials to enable Cloud Cruiser Express to collect subscription and usage data. For instructions, see Completing an installation that did not connect to Windows Azure Pack.
  • Cloud Cruiser recommends that you modify the pricing for Windows Azure Pack services to reflect your own pricing model. These services are called resources in Cloud Cruiser Express. For information about changing the prices, or rates , that you charge for your resources, see Setting initial resource rates.
  • When you have enough days of collected charges at your desired rates, consider enabling tenants to view their own costs in the management portal for tenants. For instructions, see Allowing tenants to view their costs.
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