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Directory structure

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There is a working directory on the filesystem of the Cloud Cruiser Express computer containing files used in batch processing. Those files are organized into the following subdirectories:




Intermediate files created or consumed by batch jobs.


Batch jobs stored as XML files. You can run these from the Scheduling page of the Cloud Cruiser Express Portal.


Raw data captured by collectors. Under this directory, you would typically create a subdirectory for each feed of data from the cloud resources.


Logs for each job run.


Miscellaneous executable scripts called by batch jobs to do processing not available natively. There are no such scripts with Cloud Cruiser Express. If you upgrade to Cloud Cruiser and collect from other data sources, depending on your business requirements you might needs scripts.

TIP: Locate your working directory somewhere other than the directory where you installed Cloud Cruiser. For example, C:\cc-working . This allows you to perform software upgrades without affecting working scripts and files.

To change directory locations
  1. In the Cloud Cruiser Portal, go to Administration > Configuration > Directories.
  2. Click Change Base Directories at the top of the window.
  3. In the dialog box, enter the complete path to an existing directory and click OK.
    The base directory changes for all the directories shown. You can optionally change the name and location of individual directories.
  4. Click Save.
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