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Which cost data is available and when

This topic explains the types of charges you will see and not see, when charges will appear in the Cloud Cruiser Express Portal and Windows Azure Pack portals, and how to troubleshoot when expected VM data is not collected.

Types of charges

Based on the pricing you specify, Cloud Cruiser Express applies charges to the usage of Windows Azure Pack services. So you will see charges for usage related to databases, websites, and virtual machines, such as the following examples:

  • SQL Server Space Allocated
  • (Website) Incoming Request Bytes
  • VM CPU Allocated

NOTE: Cloud Cruiser Express does not compute charges for subscriptions to Windows Azure Pack plans or for add-ons purchased for those subscriptions, only for usage of the services offered by each plan.

When charges become visible

The costs you see in the Cloud Cruiser Express Portal and Windows Azure Pack portals are not real-time information. At 2:15am every night, Cloud Cruiser Express collects subscription and usage data for the previous day from the Windows Azure Pack Usage API. Therefore, if a VM is created on Monday you won’t see costs for that VM until Tuesday morning.

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