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Automated On-boarding of FC Azure Customers

In order to remove the cumbersome steps necessary to manually on-board FC Azure customers, an automated means for doing so has been created.  This automated process will perform the following tasks when a new Partner Center tenant is created:

  • Create Partner Center rate collector
  • Create Partner Center usage collector
  • Create FC server cc-working/usage_files hierarchy with corresponding properties file and sub-directories
  • Create Partner Center rate Data Source
  • Create Partner Center usage Data Source
  • Create customer Data Source
  • Create customer Lookup Tables
  • Create customer Azure Stack Services
  • Create customer Rate Plan

    This has to be done manually for existing customers.  The directions to do so are found below.

  • Updates the _Partner_Center Workbook
  • Creates the customer Workbook

There are still a few manual steps involved that cannot be addressed programmatically, which are as follows:

  • Create Customer

    The creation of a Customer is only necessary if one does not already exist for other FC services.

  • Update customer Rate Plan

    This only has to be done for existing customers.  The directions to do so are found below.

  • Update account Lookup Tables
  • Create customer Schedule 

Running Automated On-boarding Job

Before You Begin

The customer information is included in the TODO document so it must first be generated.

To Run the Automated On-boarding Job

  1. Click Data > Setup > Lookup Tables.
  2. Select the Azure_Onboarding Lookup Table.
    The Lookup Table is added to the display pane.
    Azure_Onboarding Lookup Table.png
  3. Enter each corresponding value for the Low ID in the Target ID column.
  4. Click Save to save the Lookup Table.
  5. Click Data > Processing > Advanced Job Maintenance.
  6. Expand Production Jobs.
  7. Select onboard_pc_customer.
    The onboard_pc_customer XML job is added to the display pane.
  8. If the Customer already exists, enter exists=true in the Arguments text box; otherwise, leave it empty.
  9. Click Run Batch Job.

Create Customer

To Create a Customer

The creation of a Customer is only necessary if one does not already exist for other FC services.

Follow the instructions at Creating customers as it is the same for all FC customers.

Once the Customer is created, it must be linked to the corresponding Rate Plan.

  1. With the Customer still in the display pane, select that customer's Rate Plan from the Rate Plan dropdown.
    Customer Rate Plan Selection.png
  2. Click Save.

Update Customer Rate Plan

To Update a Customer Rate Plan

  1. Select Financial > Rate Plans.
  2. Click the customer's Rate Plan.
    The Rate Plan opens in the display pane.
  3. Click Edit Services.
    The Add/Remove Services dialog box appears.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the Group column header.
    This unchecks all of the services.
  5. Select all Azure Stack services starting with the customer ID.
  6. Click OK.
    The Rate Plan is updated to include the Azure Stack services created by the automated on-boarding job.
  7. Click Save.
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