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Troubleshooting Azure

The most common problem that arises is when there is no data for a Customer on a particular day.  There are two approaches to debugging this issue -- working forward from the point of collection against the CREST API or working back from the customer-specific Workbook.  The first offers a sanity check as to whether or not the data was even collected in the first place and can be done entirely within the Cloud Cruiser portal, whereas the latter requires navigating the file system of the Cloud Cruiser server.

Verifying Successful Collection for Customer

Before You Begin

To Verify the Collection

  1. Click Data > Processing > Scheduling.
  2. In the Schedules section, select the CREST Usage Collect (Daily) Schedule.
  3. Set the From and To for the run dates desired and click Filter.
  4. Select the desired Schedule.
  5. Double-click the Schedule.
    The Execution Log dialog box displays.

The image is too small to read as is so it will be broken down into sections in the following steps.

  1. Check the list of Customer Tenant IDs for the expected customer.
  2. If the Customer Tenant ID is there, next check the list of Customer IDs for the Customer Tentant ID.
  3. If the Customer ID is there, next check the list of Subscriptions for the Customer ID.
  4. Finally, if the Subscription is there, check the API call that gets the usage data for that subscription.
  5. If all the information for the desired Customer is there, the usage data (if there is any) has been collected.


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