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Creating an Azure Customer Schedule

It is possible to execute Workbook Flows in one of two ways -- via the Workbook itself or via the Scheduling section of the portal.  The first is most useful when implementing a solution or testing out a change to a Workbook; however, when the goal is simply to load usage data, it is highly recommended to use the Schedules.  This precludes the possibility of undesired changes to the Workbooks.

Creating a Customer-Specific Azure Schedule 

  1. Click Data > Processing > Scheduling.
  2. In the Schedules section, click New.
    The New Schedule dialog box appears.
  3. In the Job Type field, select Workbook.
  4. In the Detail section, enter the schedule’s Name (e.g., 99990-AzureCustomer Process) and optional Description.
  5. Toggle the Enabled field to Yes so that the schedule will be active.
  6. Optionally, select a Log Level other than Default to obtain more troubleshooting information.
  7. In the Frequency section, set the Start Date to the first date that you want the schedule to run.  If you want it to stop running on a certain date, set End Date to the last date the schedule should run.
  8. In the Recurrence field and the fields that appear dynamically with that selection, select Daily.
  9. Select the desired Start Time.

The customer-specific Workbooks need to be scheduled to run after the global Workbooks as they rely on the data to have propagated through the workflow.

  1. Complete the Workbook Settings and Workbook Components sections:
    1. In the Workbook field, select the customer-specific Workbook for which you want to schedule collection.
    2. In the Select Date field, choose Current Day Minus 2 Days.
    3. In the Workbook Components section, select the the Collection created during the Configuring a Collection step and theAzureUsage and AzureTiers Flows selected during the Creating an Azure Customer Workbook step.
  2. Click OK.
    The new schedule is added to the list.
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