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Onboarding Azure FC Customers

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Cloud Cruiser has streamlined the process for on-boarding Azure FC customers.  Complete the following activities in the Cloud Cruiser portal for each new customer:

  1. If this is the first customer to use a new Partner Center account, create a new CREST collector, as described in Configuring a New CREST Endpoint.
  2. Configure customer-specific Azure lookup tables, as described in Configuring Azure Lookup Tables.
  3. Create a customer-specific Azure Workbook from the FC Customer Template workbook template, as described in Creating an Azure Customer Workbook.
  4. Configure a customer-specific Azure Schedule, as described in Creating an Azure Customer Schedule.
  5. Create Azure customers in the Account Structure, as described in Creating Azure Customers.
  6. If data for the customer being on-boarded exists prior to the preceding steps, load Azure customer usage and charge data, as described in Loading Azure Usage and Charge Data.
  7. Create users and groups, as described in Creating Users and Groups.

The Creating Users and Groups link goes to the link common to all HPE FC customer onboarding as it is no different for Azure customers.


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