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Adding Azure Free Services

Microsoft Azure includes some services that are free for the first 31 days (e.g., Backup and Site Recovery).  In order to support those services (and any new services with free initial days), they must be added with their corresponding number of free days to the 00000_AzureFreeServices Lookup Table.  Once included in the Lookup Table, the daily Azure processing will be on the lookout for the first occurrence of those services to begin the 31-day countdown (or whatever number of days is assigned in the Lookup Table) for them to be free and will override the rate and cost explicitly setting them to zero for that duration on a per-customer basis.  Once the number of free days has expired, the services will be treated as any other service and be charged accordingly.

Configuring the 00000_AzureFreeServices Lookup Table

The 00000_AzureFreeServices Lookup Table identifies the MeterId of the free Azure service as well as how many initial free days that service gets per customer.  The default number of free days for those MeterIds not listed in the Lookup Table is zero (i.e., they are always charged for the services).

Before You Begin

All eligible services' Azure Meter IDs must be known along with their corresponding percentage discounts.  Azure Meter IDs, Meter Names, etc. are described in Microsoft's Azure documentation at Understand your bill for Microsoft Azure.

To Add a New Service to the 00000_AzureFreeServices Lookup Table

  1. Click Data > Setup > Lookup Tables
  2. In the list of tables, select 00000_AzureFreeServices
    The table opens in the display plane.
  3. Select the second-to-last row (i.e., the one above the empty Low ID with a Target ID value of 0).

This is done to ensure that the default value of zero days is always the last row.

  1. Click Add Row
    A new, empty row is added to the table.
  2. In the Low ID column, enter the Meter ID of the Azure service (e.g., 6551548b-7e61-4f51-896e-eb907d256b95).
  3. In the Target ID column, enter the number of initial free days (e.g., 31).
  4. Click Save to save your changes to the table.
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