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Configuring and Administering Azure

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HPE FC leverages Microsoft's Partner Center to add Azure services to its catalog.  However, unlike others supported by FC, Cloud Cruiser collects directly against the provider's endpoint to get the data to be processed.  In this case, the CREST API ( is being used to gather customer information, usage, and rates.  Therefore, a unique collector had to be implemented and incorporated into the existing FC workflow.

  • Refer to CREST Collector Overview to update the existing endpoint, credentials, etc. for collecting Azure data.  This will generally not be necessary unless a change is made in Partner Center.
  • Refer to Onboarding Azure FC Customers for an overview of the onboarding process.  The topics in that section provide detailed instructions for each step along the way.
  • Refer to Adding Azure Free Services for updating the list of services Azure does not charge for during the initial period of use.
  • Refer to Troubleshooting Azure for how to investigate common issues with collection and/or processing.
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