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Cloud Cruiser includes standard reports and Insights (advanced analytics) for reporting purposes.

Standard reports

Standard reports are prepackaged reports that are installed as part of Cloud Cruiser.

Running standard reports

  1. Click Reporting > Standard Reports .
  2. Select the desired report.
  3. To specify the level at which report data will be shown, use the Account Level menu.
  4. To define an account range for reports, use the Account Filter menu by clicking Select

    The Account Level Selection field setting on the Administration > Configuration > Reporting tab determines which account level is used for the Account Filter field for filtering report results. You can ignore the Account Level Selection setting by typing any account name in the Account Filter field.

  5. To define the date range for a report, use the Date Range menu to select a range. The range you select will show the start and end dates in the fields below. You can click the calendar icons to adjust the dates, which will show a Custom date range.
    The Previous Period is the accounting period (usually a calendar month) that just closed. The Current Period is the period in progress, not yet closed.
  6. If this is a period report, select an accounting period with the Accounting Year and Accounting Period menus.
  7. To view the report results, click Run Report. To export them, click Export and choose a file format.

Viewing the results of standard reports

Report results are contained within a tab. Each run of a report adds a tab to the Standard Reports page so that you can click between them to compare and contrast data.

If you get the message No pages returned from report server, this means that no charge records in the database matched the parameters you specified. To review your settings and/or rerun the report with different values, click Parameters.

Most reports generate one page per customer at the account level you selected. If a report has multiple pages, use the page navigation above the report to browse through the pages. Click any underlined number or heading to drill down into it for more detail.

Standard Reports allow you to drill-down on certain usage fields in the report to see additional information.

Available standard reports

The following standard reports are available:

Capacity Usage by Period

The Capacity Usage by Period report provides charges by Account ID, Resource Group, and Resource Description. If the summary table contains multiple tiers for a Resource ID, the report includes a Resource Description organized by tiers for the parameters selected.


Daily Capacity

The Daily Capacity report shows the used and free capacity over a date range in bar graph format, along with a line showing the baseline for the resource.


The Cost report shows the charges for services by a specific level in the account structure over a specific date range.


The Usage report shows the usage for services by a specific level in the Account Structure, over a specific date range.

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