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Adding a service to an existing workbook

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When a customer gets a new service, a worksheet for the new service needs to be added to the customer workbook.  This section describes how to do this.

To add a new service worksheet to an existing customer workbook

  1. In Cloud Cruiser, click Data > Workbooks.
  2. Select an existing workbook.
  3. Add the new service to the workbook:
    1. Click the Copy icon in the Worksheets box in the top panel:
    2. Select Copy Sheets from Template.
    3. Select Services Template in the Workbook field, check the new service to be added for the customer, then click Copy.
  4. Click Save to save the workbook with the new service worksheet.
  5. In Cloud Cruiser, click Data > Processing, then select the Scheduling tab.
  6. Select the schedule for the workbook that just had the new worksheet added.
  7. Click the Edit button.
  8. In the Workbook Components section of the schedule, check the box for the worksheet that was just added so the new worksheet will get executed when the job runs.


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