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Customizing a workbook

When onboarding customers, the sheets in the workbook can often be used without modifications. The Services Template uses the most common defaults for each service.  However, there are times when the sheets in the workbook may need to be customized for a specific customer, such as setting up a location for the customer that is different from the Device ID (this is the default).

To set the location for a service to a specific value

  1. Open your workbook for editing.
  2. Select the sheet of the service you want to set to use a specific location.
  3. Click on the Set Location step.
  4. Right-click on any processors that are enabled and disable them.
  5. Click on Add New Processor...
  6. Select Set Dimension from the list of processor types on the left.
  7. Enter Location as the Target Dimension and the customer specific location as the New Value. Note that the customer specific location should match the Location entry from the account ID in the customer record.
    Specific Location Processor
  8. Click OK to save the new processor.
  9. Click Save to save your progress in the workbook.

Changing the Subscription Ratio for VM2.0

For VM2.0, the Installed Capacity is based on the physical memory of a host.  However, it is not the total physical memory on the host, but a percentage of the physical memory.  This is called the Subscription Ratio.  The Subscription Ratio defaults to 85%, but some customers may use a different Subscription Ratio.  To change the Subscription Ratio to a different percentage, do the following:


  1. Create a lookup table for the customer as described in the section Configuring lookup tables.  This lookup table should have the name SubscriptionRatio and should be prepended with the customer ID (e.g. 00153_SubscriptionRatio).  The lookup table should have an Effective Date that starts on or earlier than the first usage for the customer.  This table should have one row with blank Low ID and High ID, and the subscription ratio specified as the Target ID:image.png
  2. In the VM2.0 sheet in the customer workbook, open up the step named VM2.0 Processing:
  3. image.png
  4. Right-click the second processor in this step (SetDimensionFromLookup...) and select Enable.
  5. Double-click on this same processor, then edit the step to change the name of the lookup table from NNNNN_SubscriptionRatio to the name of the lookup table created in step 1.image.png
  6. Click OK and the save the workbook.
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