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Onboarding FC customers

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HPE has streamlined the process for onboarding FC customers. Complete the following activities in the Cloud Cruiser Portal for each new customer:

  1. Create a workbook from the FC Customer Template workbook template, as described in Creating a workbook.
  2. Configure lookup tables, as described in Configuring lookup tables.
  3. Configure a collection, as described in Configuring a collection.
  4. Create services to offer, as described in Creating services.
  5. Create customers in the account structure, as described in Creating customers.
  6. Create a rate plan, as described in Creating rate plans.
  7. Load FC customer usage and charge data, as described in Loading usage and charge data.
  8. Create users and groups, as described in Creating users and groups.
  9. If necessary, customize a workbook, as described in Customizing a workbook.
  10. If necessary, add a service to an existing workbook, as described in Adding a service to an existing workbook
  11. If necessary, configure a customer to report costs by tier and alerts by location, as described in Configure a customer to report costs by tier and alerts by location
  12. If necessary, create a new metering format for the customer, as described in Configuring a new metering format.
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