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Import users from CSV

Imports CSV-formatted user data.

Resource URL

In version 4.0: POST http://<ccServerURL>/rest/v2/users/import

In version 4.1 and later: POST http://<ccServerURL>/rest/v2/ccusers/import


  Name Type Description
URL query parameters (optional) activateNewUsers boolean If true, enables access to the users. If false, disables access to the user. The default is true.
allowAllAccounts boolean If true, all customer accounts are viewable for the users. The default is false.
defaultAccountView string Default account structure view for new users
defaultRole string Default role for new users. This can be ADMINCUST_BUDGETDEMOLICENSEPOST_USAGE, and REPORT_USER. The default is REPORT_USER.
defaultUserGroup string Group to assign to users who do not have one specified in the import file. If the user group does not exist, it will be created.
newUserPassword string Specifies whether new users will be created with the default password or no password. Valid values are SYSTEM_DEFAULT and NONE. The default is SYSTEM_DEFAULT.
updateDuplicates boolean Whether to update an existing user when the source data contains a duplicate. When false, the duplicate source row is ignored. The default is false.



The customers to import, in User CSV file format.





Details for the result of the import, as XML text with the root element itemImportResult or JAXB type com.cloudcruiser.server.webservices.v2.dto.common.ItemImportResult.



URL invocation

POST http://localhost:8080/rest/v2/ccusers​​/import

Request body
bill,Bill Horton,,true,ADMIN,true,,Admin,
devmgr,Devin McManager,,true,ADMIN,true,,Admin,
storagemgr,Steve Thompson,,true,ADMIN,true,,Admin,
vpitfinance,Vicki Fagaro,,true,ADMIN,true,,Admin,
Response body
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<itemImportResult xmlns="">
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