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Modifying system or Tomcat properties

The <install_dir>/conf directory contains two properties files that you can edit to change the behavior of Cloud Cruiser and its Apache Tomcat application server.


  • The <install_dir>/conf/ file allows you to control Cloud Cruiser's memory heap sizes, port number, and other settings.
  • The <install_dir>/conf/server-template.xml file allows advanced Tomcat users to control Tomcat settings. This template file is used to create Tomcat's server.xml file.

    Do not edit server.xml directly. This file is overwritten every time the application server is started or installed, so your changes will be lost. Edit the template file instead.

These files are not overwritten when you upgrade to a newer version of Cloud Cruiser.

Applying your changes

The settings you make in these two files go into effect when you restart the Cloud Cruiser service:


In a command window, navigate to the <install_dir>\bin directory, and then run the following commands:

ccservice remove
ccservice install
ccservice start


At the command line, navigate to the <install_dir>/bin directory, and then run the following commands:

./ stop
./ start
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