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Formatting report emails

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You can customize the subject and body of the outgoing email by editing the following report templates:

  • <installDirectory>/templates/report_subject.vm
  • <installDirectory>/templates/report_body.vm

By default, the generated email is in HTML format so you can format the entire HTML.

You cannot customize the name of the attachment.

You cannot include images in the body of the email, but you can reference any image available on the Internet.

You can use some of the following variables to customize the email for the intended recipients:



reportId ID of the report


Title of the report

reportDescription Description of the report


Name of the user group to receive the report


Title of the user group to receive the report

startDate Start date of the report, in the format mm/dd/yyyy
endDate End date of the report, in the format mm/dd/yyyy
accountingYear Accounting year of the report (for period reports only)
accountingPeriod Accounting period of the report (for period reports only)
fileExtension Report file extension type

In your VM files, format these variables as ${variable}. For example, the report_subject.vm file uses variables to format the subject of the email as follows:

Cloud Cruiser ${reportTitle}#if( ${startDate} && ${endDate} ), $date.formatLocale('SHORT',${startDate}) to $date.formatLocale('SHORT',${endDate})#end

Values for these variables are determined by the report XML file (which might in turn have these values defined by the job scheduler or the ccjob utility. For more information about scheduling jobs, see Scheduling jobs to run. For more information about the ccjob utility, see Running jobs from the command line.

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