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Managing reports

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Cloud Cruiser has a standard set of JasperReports files with corresponding properties files in the <install_directory>\reportfiles  directory. You can copy, modify, and create custom versions of these reports and run them with the loadreports  command located in the <install_directory>\bin directory. You can also automate them and send report output via email using a batch job.

It is recommended that when customizing existing reports, copy the existing .jrxml and .properties files from the reportfiles directory to a directory outside the installation directory. After customizing a report, use the loadreports command to load it into Cloud Cruiser.

A report requires two files to be run within Cloud Cruiser:

  • .jrxml JasperReports report design file
  • a Java resource bundle property file with values for at least the two following keys:

The default_title key is the initial display name of the report to be used in Cloud Cruiser. You can change this later.

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