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Importing customers

You can import customers into Cloud Cruiser in two ways: by running the ccimport utility against a comma-delimited (CSV) file in the defined format or by using an ETL workbook to collect the customer data from a data source, transform it as necessary, and publish it as customers. This article explains how to do both.

Using ccimport

Before you begin

Create a CSV file on the Cloud Cruiser server in Customer CSV file format.

To import customers

  • Enter the command ccimport -t customer -f <filename> [-u]

    For example, to import from the file cloud_customer.csv and update duplicate entries:

    ccimport -t customer -f cloud_customer.csv -u

ccimport does not support importing budget information. You must either enter budgets in the Cloud Cruiser Portal or import them using a SQL script.

Using an ETL workbook

This article is unfinished. Please come back later for more information.

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