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Alert example

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Using the following budget:

Billing > Customers > Budgets

The following is true:

  • Customer A-22 has monthly budgets set to $500,000.
  • Standard alerts are triggered when charges reach $400,000, $500,000, and $600,000 within any billing period.
  • Projected alerts are triggered if continued charges at current levels would reach those same amounts before the end of the current period.

Using the following settings:

Billing > Customers > Contacts

Billing > Customers > Contacts


Administration > Configuration > System

Administration > Configuration > System

The following happens when an alert is triggered:

  • An email message is sent to the email address from using the SMTP server, informing them that charges have reached the relevant alert threshold.
  • When the admin user signs on, they will see this alert in the Alerts area of the Home page.
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