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Adding customer detail

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To add detail for a customer, perform the following procedure:

  1. Go to Financial > Customers.
  2. Select a customer from the list.
  3. Click the Detail tab if it is not already selected.
  4. Specify the customer detail options:
    • Account ID: The customer’s unique Account ID entered during the customer creation step. The value can be modified here.
    • Description: Description of the customer that will be added to generated reports, where applicable.
    • Alt. Account ID: Contains any value that is associated with the customer. Note that the contents of this field are not used by any Cloud Cruiser standard reports. It can be used by customized reports.
    • Rate Plan: Associates the customer with a specific rate plan for billing purposes.
    • Accounting Day: Specifies the day of the month that the accounting period starts. For example, if the accounting day is set at 15, each accounting period starts on the 15th day.

      If an accounting day is less than or equal to the collection date, data is processed within that same period. If an accounting day is greater than the collection date, data is processed for the previous period. As a result, customers with different accounting days could have different accounting periods placed in the records for the same selection date. For example, consider the scenario when processing usage data from December 10:
      Customer Accounting Day Budget Usage
      CustomerA 1 100 150
      CustomerB 15 200 250
      CustomerA ’s budgets and usage would be placed into period 12 because accounting day 1 (the first of the month) has passed. CustomerB ’s usage would be placed into period 11 because the accounting day of the 15th is the start of period 12 and that date has not yet been reached.
    • Active: Indicates whether this is an active customer. Inactive customers have no access to Cloud Cruiser. Making a customer inactive remove the ability to trigger alerts and to apply transactions, surcharges, and discounts for that customer. Usage and charging data is still collected for inactive customers, but only administrator users can see that data in reports.
    • Account LevelDefines the account level with which the customer is associated. Note that if a customer is to be associated with multiple account structures, another copy of the customer must be created.
    • User FlagsAn optional one-character value that is not used by Cloud Cruiser. These can be used by custom versions of reports for sorting and grouping.
  5. Click Save .
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