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Adding customer contacts

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You can add email and physical address contact information for the customer. Emails are primarily used for the purposes of generating notification emails when an alert event is triggered.

If budgets or default cost level are is defined and alerts are defined, but no email contact has Alert selected, alert events for the account are ignored.

To add contact information for a customer

  1. Go to Financial > Customers.
  2. In the customer list, select a customer.
  3. Click the Contacts tab.
  4. Click Add Email to add an email address or Add Address to add a postal address.
    A dialog box appears for you to enter the address. You can also enter a description.
  5. If you are adding an email address, and this address should receive alerts for the account, select the Alert option.
  6. Click OK in the dialog box.
  7. Click Save to save your changes to the customer record.
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