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Creating customers

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To create a new customer, perform the following procedure:

  1. Go to Financial > Customers.
    A list shows all accounts that match the Account ID/Description, Rate Plan, and Account Level fields. By default, all customers are displayed. Typing a partial ID in the Account ID/Description field displays matched entries that you can select.
    Select a customer from the list to see detailed information for that customer.
  2. Below the list of customers, right-click and select Add customer.
    The Add New Customer dialog box appears.
  3. In the Map to Level column, enter the name of your new customer in the row appropriate for its account level, and also enter or select customer names for any account levels above that new customer.
    For example, if your account structure is Business Unit > Department > Region, and you are creating a new customer at the Business Unit level, you would enter a customer name in the Business Unit row only, since that is the top level.
    For example, with that same account structure, if you are creating a new customer at the Region level, you would enter a name for your new customer in the Region row, and also select or enter customers for the Business Unit and Department rows, since they are higher in the account structure than the Region level.
  4. Enter a Description for your new customer, and then click OK.
    The new customer is created, and the Customer panel refreshes, allowing you to modify and configure the new customer.
  5. Specify the configuration options.
    By default, the Detail tab is displayed. The tabs available in the Customers panel are:




    Adds basic information for customers. For more information, see Adding customer detail.


    Configures budgets and alerts that are specific to customers. For more information, see Setting up budgets and alerts.


    Configures contact information (email and physical address) for customer. For more information, see Adding customer contacts.


    For more information, see Working with transactions.


    Sets up how discounts and surcharges are used to deliver a reduced or increased cost to customers. For more information, see Setting up discounts and surcharges.

  6. Click Save.

To delete a customer, right-click the customer in the list and select Delete customer.

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