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Working with What-If scenarios

Cloud Cruiser provides the ability to estimate changes to your services and rates so you can determine whether those changes should be put into production.

  • Use What-If for Current Workloads to help you understand how cost changes to specific services can affect the cost of workloads (groups of services generally delivered together). To do this, build scenarios that calculate prospective changes to cost and usage. If the estimated changes suit your needs, you can save a model as a new rate plan. This functionality is tied to services, rate plans, and customers already in production. For more information, see What-If for Current Workloads.
  • Use What-If for New Workloads to help you decide which workloads provide the necessary services at the best cost. To do this, you build scenarios that compare the estimated costs for different groups of services. For example, you might compare services offered from a single provider to see which is the best value from that provider. You might then compare that workload against a similar workload from a different provider to help you make an informed business decision about the services you purchase. For more information, see What-If for New Workloads.
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