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Creating your own My Insights reports

This article explains how to create your own My Insights reports to appear under Insights > My Insights. You do this by creating and publishing workbooks in HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Desktop.

Before you begin

Install and configure HPE Consumption Analytics Portal as described in Installing and configuring Cloud Cruiser Analytics.

Setting up a workbook

This section explains how to create a new workbook and configure it according to best practices before developing.

To set up a workbook

  1. Open HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Desktop and choose File > New.
  2. Set up your data source.
    In most cases the data source shipped with Cloud Cruiser will meet your needs. If so, perform the following steps to connect it to this workbook. If you need less common data, you can create a custom data source instead.​
    1. In the Data pane on the left, click Connect to Data, then under On a server click Tableau Server.
    2. If prompted to log in, do so using the credentials you created when installing HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Server and then select the site you created when configuring HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Server.
    3. Click the charges data source.
      The blank worksheet reappears, now with the dimensions and measures from the charges data source available to use.
  3. If you are using the data source shipped with Cloud Cruiser or another data source that includes an Authorized? field as recommended in Creating a custom analytics data source, filter data to only authorized users.
    1. Drag the Authorized? field to the Filters shelf.
    2. In the list of values in the Filter dialog box, select True.
      If there are no values in the list, this means that HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Desktop cannot evaluate the Authorized? calculated field because it currently cannot access data for either the [Username] field (because your data source has no records) or the USERNAME() function (because you're not logged in to HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Server).
      To work around this:
      1. At the top of the General tab, select Custom value list.
      2. Click the Enter Text to Add line.
      3. Type the number 1, then click the '+' at the right end of that line.
        The custom value True is added to the list.
      4. Select True.
    3. Click OK.

    You must create this filter in each worksheet that uses such a data source. This is required not only to enforce permissions to customer data but also to prevent duplicate rows from the ReportAccountSecurity join from causing inaccuracies in your reports.

Publishing a workbook

This section explains how to publish your workbook to HPE Consumption Analytics Portal Server when you finish developing it, so that others can use it from the Cloud Cruiser Portal.

To publish a workbook

  1. From the Server menu, choose Publish Workbook.
  2. In the Views to Share list, deselect any views that you want to hide in the My Insights window.
    If you have created any dashboards, consider hiding the worksheets they display. This gives your users a cleaner list of reports to choose from. Users still see these sheets as part of a dashboard, but can't view them as separate reports.
  3. Click Publish.
    If prompted to embed credentials, click Yes. If prompted to log on to the data source, enter your SQL Server username and password, then click OK.
  4. Close the Publish Workbook Results window.
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