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Data source properties

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A VMware vSphere Performance or VMware vSphere Snapshot collection requires the following information in a data source:

  • Endpoint: The vSphere endpoint URL <VirtualCenter.VimApiUrl>/vimService
    You can find the value of <VirtualCenter.VimApiUrl> for your vCenter server by choosing Administration > vCenter Server Settings > Advanced Settings in the vSphere Client. By default this value is https://<serverName>:443/sdk, which would make the endpoint URL https://<serverName>:443/sdk/vimService.
  • Username: The username of a vSphere user with the following permissions applied at the datacenter level with Propagate set to on:
    • Datastore.Browse
    • Global.Licenses
    • System.Anonymous
    • System.Read
    • System.View
  • Password: The password for this user
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