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Mapping data to Cloud Cruiser

A basic entity record is the top level of any documents containing the results of entity queries. If you enable the option to collect additional detail and/or meta data, these additional document fragments are appended as children to the top-level record. If the basic record contains a reference to an organization, the organization data is also appended as a child to the top-level record. You can use XPATH expressions to map data at any level of the document.

For more information, see XML feed configuration.

Feed configuration

The feed configuration for vCloud collection extends the XML feed configuration. There are additional properties to support an optional entity filter, as well as enabling or disabling the collection of entity detail data and/or user-entered meta data fields.

For more information on filters, see Query Filter Expressions in the vCloud API Programming Guide.

Entity filter example!=0;isPrimary==true)

Time and date

All records produced reflect the job’s selectDate parameter as the usage end date. After aggregation, the usage is assumed to be for the entire day (24 hours). The minimum interval supported for calculation of charges is one day.


Because the majority of supported attributes are distinct across entity types, there are no common identifiers for all entity types. It is recommended to write the XML output to a file to use as a reference when mapping all attributes for an entity type.

For more information on XML output files, see Application notes.


The sample collection job collects the virtual machine entity type and captures the numberOfCpus and memoryMB attributes as resources. These attributes are available in the basic virtual machine record.

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