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Expression parser

The ExpressionParser utility is an algebraic expression parser that supports variables representing resource values, including passthrough cost and rate values. This is used with the CalculateResource, CalculateResourceCost, and CalculateResourceRate transforms. Use parentheses for specifying the order of operations.

You can use resource names in the expression as variables. If a resource name in the expression cannot be found in the record being processed, a transform exception will occur. Resource names in expressions might not contain any special characters, such as parenthesis, periods, or any operation symbol including boolean operators (= < > & |). It might be necessary to rename resources for use in expressions (and rename back afterwards). Resource names are replaced with the resource value for resolving an expression. You can also reference rate and cost values by appending the resource name with _COST or _RATE (case sensitive). When a variable calls for rate or cost and the resource specified does not have a cost/rate value to substitute, then a transform exception will occur. For more information, see Exception processing.

Supported arithmetic operators





+ , -

Unary Plus, Unary Minus







+ , -

Addition, Subtraction

Supported conditional operators






Does Not Equal


Greater Than


Less Than


Greater Than or Equal


Less Than or Equal


AND operator


OR operator

Supported functions



max(value1, value2, ...)

Maximum Value

min(value1, value2, ...)

Minimum Value


Rounding (see Rounding resource values)

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