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Included resources

If you selected the OpenStack Ceilometer Collector when installing Cloud Cruiser, the installer loads an OpenStack resource group that contains a resource for each Ceilometer resource as of the release of Cloud Cruiser 3.1. These are listed below. If you selected a different collector or the default installation, you must manually import these resources before loading charge data from Ceilometer.

The file to import is <install_dir>/resource_groups/ceilometer.csv. For information about importing resources, see Importing and exporting resources.

Compute (Nova) resources

  • openstack.instance    VM Instance
  • openstack.instance:m1.nano    VM Nano Instance
  • openstack.instance:m1.micro    VM Micro Instance
  • openstack.instance:m1.tiny    VM Tiny Instance
  • openstack.instance:m1.small    VM Small Instance
  • openstack.instance:m1.medium    VM Medium Instance
  • openstack.instance:m1.large    VM Large Instance
  • openstack.instance:m1.xlarge    VM Extra Large Instance
  • openstack.memory    RAM
  • openstack.cpu    CPU time used
  • openstack.cpu_util    Avg CPU utilization
  • openstack.vcpus    vCPUs
  •    Read requests
  • openstack.disk.write.requests    Write requests
  •    MBytes read
  • openstack.disk.write.bytes    MBytes written
  • openstack.disk.root.size    Root disk size
  • openstack.disk.ephemeral.size    Ephemeral disk size
  •    Incoming MBytes
  •    Outgoing MBytes
  •    Incoming packets for VM
  •    Outgoing packets for VM

Network (Neutron) resources

  •    Network duration
  •    Network create requests
  •    Network update requests
  • openstack.subnet    Subnet duration
  • openstack.subnet.create    Subnet Create requests
  • openstack.subnet.update    Subnet Update requests
  • openstack.port    Port duration
  • openstack.port.create    Port Create requests
  • openstack.port.update    Port Update requests
  • openstack.router    Router
  • openstack.router.create    Router Create requests
  • openstack.router.update    Router Update requests
  • openstack.ip.floating    Duration of IP floating
  • openstack.ip.floating.create    IP Floating Create requests
  • openstack.ip.floating.update    IP Floating Update requests

Image (Glance) resources

  • openstack.image    Image polling
  • openstack.image.size    Uploaded image size
  • openstack.image.update    Image updates
  • openstack.image.upload    Image uploads
  • openstack.image.delete    Image deletes
  •    Image downloads
  • openstack.image.serve    Image served out

Volume (Cinder) resources

  • openstack.volume    Volume duration
  • openstack.volume.size    Size of volume

Object Storage (Swift) resources

  •    Objects
  •    Stored objects size
  •    Containers
  •    Incoming MBytes
  •    Outgoing MBytes
  •     API requests

Energy (Kwapi) resources    Energy consumption
openstack.power    Power consumption

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