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Integration details

Nova configuration

Once Nova is installed and operational, there are a few configuration changes needed to ensure usage events are properly generated for consumption by Cloud Cruiser.

Nova.conf modifications:


RabbitMQ configuration

The default configuration for notifications is a single, volatile queue. A fanout to a second, durable queue only consumed by the Cloud Cruiser collector is required.

Generating inventory events

A cron script included with Nova, instance-usage-audit, should be scheduled to run daily. The script reads nova.conf and picks up the audit interval setting from there. The audit interval should be set to 1d. Each time the script runs, events are published for virtual machines that existed during the entire specified period. A one day period indicates "yesterday".

Cloud Cruiser system usage consumer

The consumer will empty the queue each time it executes and place records in usage files according to the date for which the data pertains. The original JSON message content is preserved.

Cloud Cruiser collector

A generic JSON collector reads usage files containing events based on select date and re-constructs the days activities as CC Records for further processing and loading.

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