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Advanced Windows Azure Pack collection

If you are using the CloudSmart-Now solution for Windows Azure Pack, you can collect, transform, and publish data with minimal configuration. This topic offers advanced configuration information for Windows Azure Pack collection.

Charging for Windows Azure Pack subscriptions and add-ons

By default, Cloud Cruiser charges only for usage of the services offered by Windows Azure Pack plans.  It does not charge for subscriptions to Windows Azure Pack plans or for add-ons purchased for those subscriptions. If you want to charge for subscriptions and add-ons you must create subscription and add-on services manually, and modify the Microsoft Windows Azure Pack workbook to set values for those services from collected data.

Improving system performance after the first full collection

By default, bootstrap mode for the Plan_Collect and Subscription_Collect collections is turned on. This collects all available plan and subscription data (not just data for the previous day) each time the workbook is run, ensuring that you have all plans and subscriptions available in Cloud Cruiser, even if an event for any particular plan or subscription was not generated the previous day.

To improve system performance, after the first full collection of plan and subscription data you can turn bootstrap mode off by opening the Microsoft Windows Azure Pack Properties area of the Edit Collection dialog box, and setting the Bootstrap Mode field to No.

Resetting the feed state

Cloud Cruiser stores information about the most recently collected Windows Azure Pack event in a feedState file located in your Cloud Cruiser <workingDirectory>\processing\<workbookName> directory. This file serves as a pointer to a location in the Windows Azure Pack database. To improve performance when you run collection, Cloud Cruiser starts collecting data at the event specified in the feedState file. If you want to reset the contents of the feed state file, open the Microsoft Windows Azure Pack Properties area of the Edit Collection dialog box, and set the Reset Feed State field to Yes.

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