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Application notes

This section contains various notes about the collector.

UUID values

There are two UUID values, original and current . The original value is always hardware-based and set by the manufacturer. The current value is assigned as part of the virtualization of the blade hardware. The current and original UUID values match when no service profile exists. To determine whether a service profile exists, see Provisioned blades.

UCS Central

You can use UCS Central as a federation layer. It has the same API, but the model includes a higher level of hierarchy that encapsulates individual UCS Managers. A subset of overall config data is aggregated and held by UCS Central, but the data available should be sufficient for costing or chargeback. With UCS Central, it is possible to collect data for all blades across multiple Cisco UCS domains (managers) from one central endpoint.

Correlation with Cisco IAC

The Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) model includes an infrastructure service item for UCS blades. This UCS Blade item has an attribute for the designated name in Cisco UCS as well as a name for the UCS Manager instance. The following is an abbreviated sample of IAC data for a UCS blade:

<serviceitemsubscription displayName="UCS1:sys/chassis‐1/blade‐1" id="53">
  <serviceItemTypeName>UCS Blade</serviceItemTypeName>
  <serviceitem id="77">
    <name>UCS Blade</name>
    <serviceItemData rowId="2">
      <serviceItemAttribute name="Name">UCS1:sys/chassis‐1/blade‐1</serviceItemAttribute>
      <serviceItemAttribute name="ServerDN">sys/chassis‐1/blade‐1</serviceItemAttribute>
      <serviceItemAttribute name="BladeState">Available</serviceItemAttribute>
      <serviceItemAttribute name="UCSManager">UCS1</serviceItemAttribute>
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