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Get budgets for a customer

Retrieves customer budgets for a customer specified by account ID.

Resource URL

GET http://<ccServerURL>/rest/v1/budgets/budget/accountId/<accountId>


  Name Type Description
URL path parameters (required) accountId string The customer account for which to retrieve budgets
URL query parameters (optional) budgetType string

Valid values are COST, RESOURCE, and ALL. Default is ALL.

The RESOURCE type is reserved for use by future releases and is not used in the current release. Specify either COST or ALL for this parameter.

accountingYear number The accounting year for which to retrieve budgets. Default is the current accounting year.
resourceid string This parameter is reserved for use by future releases and is not used in the current release. Do not include it in your request.






One or more budgets, as XML text with the root element budgets or JAXB type com.cloudcruiser.server.webservices.v1.dto.budgets.Budgets.​



URL invocation

GET http://localhost:8080/rest/v1/budgets/budget/accountId/B-AA

Java invocation

Budgets custBudgets = budgetsServiceProxy.getCustomerBudgets(“B-AA”);

Response body
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<budgets xmlns="" count="1">
  <customerBudget budgetId="5010" budgetType="COST">
    <customer id="7" accountId="B-AA" accountingDay="1"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="1" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="2" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="3" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="4" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="5" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="6" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="7" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="8" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="9" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="10" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="11" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
      <period accountingPeriod="12" budgetValue="40000.0"/>
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