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Sets the connection information necessary to access the vCenter Server.

IMPORTANT: If you are required to set up a keystore, you must have already created a certificate to give the vCenter collector the ability to query the vCenter database.


<bean class=”com.cloudcruiser.batch.collect.vcenter.VCenterDataSourceConfig”>


<property name="endpoint" value="endpointURL
" />

Defines the vCenter endpoint URL appropriate for the vCenter collector.

<property name="user" value="myUser
" />

Specifies the user ID that should be used to authenticate with the vSphere web service.

<property name="password" value="myPassword
" />

Specifies the password that should be used to authenticate with the vSphere web service.

<property name="keystoreAlias" value="myKeyAlias
" />

Specifies the alias to the key in the keystore (if required).

<property name="keystorePassword" value="myKeystorePassword
" />

Specifies the password used to lock the keystore (if required).

<property name="keystoreFile" value="keyStoreFileFullPath
" />

Specifies the full path to the keystore file. For example: /path/to/keystore/file/keystore_file.jks

<property name="cnCheckDisabled" value="false" />

Set a flag to disable the common server name checking while establishing the connection to the vSphere web service.

<property name="receiveTimeout" value="milliseconds
" />

Specifies the response receive timeout in milliseconds. The default, if not specified, is 30000 (30 seconds).

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