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Collects service data from the VMware vCenter Server. Data mapping is based on a configuration provided by VCenterFeedConfig .


<bean class=”com.cloudcruiser.batch.collect.vcenter.VCenterCollector”>


<property name="dataSourceConfig" value="dataSourceConfig
" />

Sets the connection information necessary to access the vCenter Server.

<property name="feedConfig" ref="feedConfig
" />

Sets the feed configuration for this collector.

<property name="receiveTimeout" value="milliseconds
" />

Specifies the response receive timeout in milliseconds. The default, if not specified, is 30000 (30 seconds).

Application Notes

If collection succeeds but does not produce output records, ensure that the proper statistics levels are set. Refer to the VMware documentation regarding configuration of the statistics logging level.

If the vCenter server has been set with the appropriate statistics levels for more than a few hours, and output records are still not resulting from collection, ensure that performance data is available for the VMs in question from the vCenter user interface.

If it is not, check to see that rollups are completing successfully on the vCenter database. Review the information in the following links to root cause any potential database issues:

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