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Collects usage data from a text file based on a configuration provided by JsonFeedConfig .


<bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.collect.SmartJsonCollector">


<property name="feedConfig" value=" feedConfig ">

Sets the feed configuration for this collector. The feed configuration maps input data to CC-Record content.

<property name="resource" value=" resourceFile ">

Sets the input resource. The input resource must be a JSON file.

<property name="strict" value="true">

When true , the input is required and a missing input file will result in an exception during execution. Otherwise, a missing input will result in a warning.

Spring Batch Example

<batch:step id="collect" next="assemble">
    <bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.CCRecordCollectTasklet">
      <property name="active" value="true"/>
      <property name="feedName" value="eastRegion"/>
      <property name="collector">
        <bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.collect.SmartJsonCollector">
          <property name="feedConfig" ref="feedConfig"/>
          <property name="strict" value="true"/>
          <property name="resource" value="file:${env.usageDir}/samples/json_sample.log"/>
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