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Data feed configuration for the SmartExcelCollector. For more information on the inputs and outputs properties, including example XML code, see Input and output fields.




Name Type Description
header​​ boolean When true, the first processed row is treated as a header and read into the field names for input. When false, the inputs must be explicitly declared with the inputs property and the first row is treated as data. The default is false.
inputs list List of inputField beans that map input columns to labels to be used in the outputs property. This property is optional because the output columns can be mapped based on column number or name.
linesToSkip integer A numeric value that defines how many rows are to be discarded before processing data (useful for skipping titles and descriptive text). The default is 0, which means to start processing with the first line.
outputs list List of OutputField beans. An OutputField bean maps an InputField bean (see the inputs property) or a static value into an output in a CC Record. An OutputField is one of three types: USAGE_DATE ,IDENTIFIER , or RESOURCE.
sheet string Either the name of the sheet to read or its numeric order in the workbook where 1 is the first sheet. Default is the first sheet in the workbook.
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