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Converts an identifier to a resource with a quantity (units) of 1 . The identifier value becomes the resource name. A processing exception will occur if the target resource already exists. By default, the source identifier does not have to exist and will not be removed during processing.


<bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.transform.ConvertIdentifierToResource">


<property name="dropSourceIdentifier" value="true" />

Processing flag to control retention of source identifier after it is converted to a resource. Set to true to drop the source identifier after it is converted to a resource.

<property name="sourceIdentifier" value="sourceIdentifier
" />

Sets the name of identifier to convert.

<property name="strict" value="false" />

Sets flag for strict processing mode. When active, a processing exception occurs if the source identifier does not exist. Otherwise, no such checks are performed. The default is false .

Spring Batch XML Example

<bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.transform.ConvertIdentifierToResource">
  <property name="active" value="true" />
  <property name="strict" value="false" />
  <property name="sourceIdentifier" value="storageType" />
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