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Executes the System Center Operations Manager collector and instructs it to write the collected data under a feed directory for the active process. The default output filename only contains the select date and will be overwritten each time a collection is executed again for the same date. This is ideal when the feed should only be collected once per day. If multiple collections are to run per day (for example, hourly snapshots), then disable the singleFeedPerDay option for unique feed filenames per execution.


<bean class=””>


<property name="feedName" ref="feedName
" />

Sets the name used to identify the origin of data being collected. The feed name should comply with directory naming conventions.

<property name="feedConfig" ref="feedConfig
" />

Sets the feed configuration for Service Manager collection.

<property name="dataSourceConfig" value="dataSourceConfig
" />

Sets the data source configuration for Service Manager collection.

<property name="singleFeedPerDay" value="true" />

Controls file naming conventions for the resulting data file. When daily ( true ), only one file per day is expected and an existing file for same select date and same feed will be over written. Otherwise ( false ), feed files are never overwritten and a new file is created per execution. The default is true .

<property name="usageTimeZone" value="usageTimeZone
" />

Set the time zone for the data being collected so that usage dates and times are properly converted to the standard usage time zone for the system.

Spring Batch XML Example

<batch:step id="collect_feed1">
    <bean class="">
      <property name="active" value="true" />
      <property name="feedName" value="operations_manager" />
      <property name="dataSourceConfig">
        <bean class="">
          <property name="server" value="" />
          <property name="domain" value="LAB" />
          <property name="username" value="username" />
          <property name="password" value="password" />
      <property name="feedConfig">
        <bean class="">
          <property name="managementClassName" value="Microsoft.SystemCenter.VirtualMachineManager.2012.VirtualMachine" />
          <property name="collectAllProperties" value="true" />
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