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Filter condition that uses a translation table to evaluate an identifier value. The filter will evaluate to true if the source identifier value matches a row in the specified table. You can provide additional criteria against the target value from the matching table row in the form of a regular expression pattern.



Name Description
sourceIdentifier Sets the name of the identifier to resolve against the table.
translateTitle Sets the title of the managed translation table to be used. Managed translations are maintained using the client application. There may be multiple revisions for a translation. The revision that is in effect for the selection date of the active job is applied.
lookupFile Sets the file-based translation table to be used.
valuePattern Sets an optional regular expression pattern as additional criteria. If a table entry is found, the resulting value must match this pattern when provided.
Spring Batch Example
<bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.filter.TranslateTableCondition">
  <property name="translateTitle" value="VM Trials" />
  <property name="sourceIdentifier" value="VMName" />
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