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Filter condition that compares two identifier values for equality. The processor only processes records if the identifiers are equal. If one or both identifiers are not equal in the record, this returns false.


<bean class=”com.cloudcruiser.batch.filter.IdentifiersAreEqualCondition”>


<property name="leftIdentifier" value="leftIdentifier
" />

Specifies the name of first identifier to evaluate.

<property name="rightIdentifier" value="rightIdentifier
" />

Specifies the name of second identifier to evaluate.

Spring Batch Example

<bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.filter.CCRecordFilterGroup">
  <property name="operator" value="OR" />
  <property name="filters">
      <bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.filter.IdentifierExistsCondition">
        <property name="identifierName" value="@acctid" />
        <property name="negate" value="true" />
      <bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.filter.IdentifiersAreEqualCondition">
        <property name="leftIdentifier" value="ServiceName" />
        <property name="rightIdentifier" value="@acctid" />
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