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Evaluates CC Record criteria to determine whether a transform processor will execute. One or more record filters can be set along with a logical operator of AND or OR. An empty group (no filters) will always evaluate to true. One or more filters can be another filter group for nesting complex criteria.



Name Description


Sets the logical operator for this group.
filters Sets a list of filters that comprise the filter group.
Spring Batch Example

The following example imports any new resources found in records that contain a ServerGroup identifier and do not contain a NetworkName identifier. This restricts resources to only server resources which are to be imported into a resource group called CloudSystem Matrix Server.

<bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.transform.ImportNewResources">
  <property name="active" value="true" />
  <property name="filter">
    <bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.filter.CCRecordFilterGroup">
      <property name="filters">
          <bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.filter.IdentifierExistsCondition">
            <property name="identifierName" value="ServerGroup" />
          <bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.filter.IdentifierExistsCondition">
            <property name="negate" value="true" />
            <property name="identifierName" value="NetworkName" />
  <property name="groupTitle" value="CloudSystem Matrix Server" />
  <property name="chargeInterval" value="daily" />
  <property name="unitDesc" value="days" />
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